Logo History

2021: Following an off year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Millersville announces the birth of a D3 team. They identity of the flag remains but is modernized into a coin logo. The D3 Team will open their first season as a member of the Delaware Valley Collegiate Hockey Conference (DVCHC) part of the College Hockey Federation (CHF). 
2019-2021: At the turn of the decade the D2 club changed the jersey logo to a classic diagonal VILLE, while still maintaining the flag on the jersey shoulders and all Ville hockey apparel.
2015: On February 8th, 2015, Millersville raffled off game worn camo jerseys, to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Foundation. There was a tremendous amount of support from the family, friends, and fans. The logo was created and donated by Millersville Ice Hockey Alumni Tab Kurtz. 
2012 - Present: Up until 2012, Millersville Ice Hockey never had an actual logo. Copyright laws prohibited the use of the university's artwork on the teams sweaters. The year 2012 brought about drastic change to the organization. Graphic Designer, Gaetan Juliano would set out to rework the teams jerseys and implement a new logo. After hours of work a new logo was found. This design features a pirate-like flag with a cursive "M" in the center.
2012 - Present: In honor of Veteran’s Day, Salute the Troops Night, celebrated our veterans and armed forces who sacrifice their lives everday for our country. The night consisted of a bake sale, raffles, and many other activities that gave back to those amazing men and women across the sea. This logo was designed specifically for this night and worn on both sides of the players helmets.

"Make a Christmas Card" – A station set up for children, students, or parents to create a card and send it across the ocean!

"Bring a gift" – We donated gifts; basketballs, footballs, hot hands, and pinatas
2012 - Present: This logo was created for October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Although it did not appear on the teams uniform, it was found on a desktop wallpaper that made its way through social media.
2012 - 2013: The start of the 2012-2013 season marked the 35th Anniversary of Millersville Ice Hockey. The team celebrated by releasing an Anniversary logo that would make it's way onto some of the premium apparel.
1990 - 2012: Millersville Ice Hockey's longest lasting logo. For about a decade this basic "M" with "Marauders" running accros the middle appeared on both the home and away sweaters.
Early 80's: Thanks to Keith Earle, class of 1984, we have an idea of what the logo looked like back in the 80's when Millersville was originally called Millersville State. Today, we see variations of this pirate clip art on numerous pirate related projects.